We believe that a healthy marriage creates a solid foundation that will support healthy children and families and utlimately a healthy society. We are in our 31st year of marriage and are committed to working with couples through pre-marriage and marriage to help create a union that will last for a lifetime.


Our life experience is something we offer to share with couples that want to embark on a journey through life that presents opportunities and challenges. Two become one! We stress the importance of balance between independence, dependence and interdependence.

Jack Ashby


Jack has over 28 years of experience in officiating weddings.  He has found it very meaningful to work with couples who are committed to building a life together as husband and wife.


Jack will work with each couple, to suggest and select appropriate vows, elements of the ceremony, readings, rituals and incorporate a personal touch for your unique and special day.

Gerri Ashby


Gerri has over 33 years of experience in event planning. This includes weddings, both at home and in beautiful destinations, themed events, and corporate events for both small and large corporations.


Gerri takes all the stress away at the ceremony.  She helps with ideas to formalize the couples vision along with choreographing the actual ceremony.  A producer of sorts.


Jack and Gerri have had the good fortune to marry many couples and as a result have made many new friends.